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About us
About us

About us

We wish that every time you open the VI: SAFE application, you will put your trust in our technology to not only connect you with the driver but also provide you with emergency assistance. That trust is what motivates us to constantly upgrade, build new safety features, establish principles for respectful and positive experiences …

Our mission is to provide users and drivers with the best solution. We want good things to happen when people can move safely with our technology help.

  • You are the owner of the car and you usually take the initiative to drive a car in your daily work. But do you have a sudden need to receive guests in the downtown area and worry about parking?
  • You are a company director and have a personal car, but the demand for cars is not much, so you do not need to make a separate driver hire contract by month. Only for use When in need of a partner or a customer?
  • Party with friends or party, you inevitably use alcohol. Are you afraid to join but will lose your friend and colleagues if you refuse?
  • You are busy at work but you have an appointment to take your family out and have a headache because of this?
  • This weekend, you want to go on a picnic or relax with your family. But you are the driver of the journey, you worry that you will not bring that joy..

VI:SAFE will do it for you. Your safety motivates us to do it.

Whether you are a customer (vehicle owner), a driver or anyone using VI:SAFE, your safety will motivate us.